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Please give yourself time to park and come up the stairs to our studio, as the doors to the studio are locked when classes are in-session. We strongly encourage you to arrive at least ten minutes prior to your first class with us.

You’ll see our building from Knox Road. We’re right above CAVA and Starbucks in the College Park Shopping Center. You can find us by going all the way up the stairs next to Starbucks, or you can come in through the office building behind the main shopping center. Our parking lot is on Knox Road, across the street from South Campus Commons and adjacent to Knox Towers.

We are located at 7338 Baltimore Avenue, Suite 200, in College Park, Maryland.

The closest parking lots are in front of our building, by Starbucks and CAVA, and behind our building, through the Knox Road entrance.

The meters in the Starbucks-side lot accept credit cards. The meters behind the building take coins. Parking is free on Sundays and before 8am every day. Over the summer (through August 18th), parking in the Ledo's Garage and at City Hall is free after 5pm on weekdays and all day on weekends.

A workout that gets results if you make it a habit. Parts are pretty intense and you will feel those muscles shake as they fatigue. But no pain, no gain! The teachers help you through the tough spots with encouraging words and short stretch breaks between sets. I am thrilled that this studio is near my home — I’m happy to say I’m becoming a regular. And it’s a woman-owned (Terp alum!) small business. All the more reason to support it. Paying to park is always a drag, but a fact of life in CP. You can pay meters with coins behind the building or cash/cards/coins in the front near Starbucks. There are entrances on both sides. Check this place out -- you will be back, I promise!
- Jamie L
I absolutely love OpenBarre. I had no experience with ballet, yoga, or pilates when I came in, but now after going for a few months, I feel so much more confident and capable in my ability to do any of these things. All the instructors are so welcoming and encouraging. I highly recommend this to anyone who is looking to gain strength, confidence, and new friends!
- Andrea D