First Timers

You're hereby invited to...

  • step out of your comfort zone,
  • become part of a community seeking to grow, learn, and improve, and
  • build strength and flexibility!
Today is your day! At OpenBarre, we offer one free class per month for first-time clients. This class is held outside of our standard schedule, on the last Saturday of the month at 11:30am and advance registration is strongly recommended, as space is limited. Plan on spending an hour and 15 minutes with us, touring the studio, having questions answered, and taking a Barre Express class with one of our experienced instructors.

Just left my first class at OpenBarre with Lauren and I already scheduled my next one! What a perfect blend of difficulty and fun; this is an ideal environment for everyone regardless of your level of expertise. So thankful to have this great studio in College Park!
- Kristen W
I've never been crazy about group workout classes but wanted to give barre a shot. It's a great workout that focuses on parts of my body I forget when I workout alone. Best of all, the atmosphere of the classes is more relaxed, less of the cheesy stuff that often comes with group experiences. Love the instructors and highly recommend this place.
- Caitlin H
This was my first time at OpenBarre and my first time at a Barre class in general and it was such a positive experience! Can’t thank Lauren enough for making me feel welcome and comfortable. Excited to come back!
- Se'Belle B