Class Descriptions

This low impact, full body workout is one hour. This class includes a combination of barre work and ab work to help you lengthen your muscles and strengthen your core. Build flexibility and strength with us!

Barre Cardio Circuit
For experienced OpenBarre clients only. Get ready to sweat! This class will take traditional barre moves as well as cardio work and blend the two for a unique barre experience. We recommend bringing your sneakers, as there may be some jumps involved. This class is 45 minutes.

Barre Class 101
New to barre? Nervous about taking your first class? This hour-long barre class will take you through some barre-basics, while giving you a great workout! All are welcome to sign up for this class - you don't have to be a first-timer! Barre Class 101 is capped at ten people per session.

Barre Express
Take a break from your desk and join us for a 45 minute class at the barre! These sessions are scheduled on weekdays around lunchtime and a few days a week in the morning.

Barre Stretch
This 45 minute class aims to help increase flexibility through stretches, holds, and thorough instruction. This guided stretch class is often geared toward building up to your splits. These classes are limited to twelve participants. Be sure to arrive early, as you will not get your best stretch if you miss the warm-up.

Arms & Abs
Once you finish the warm-up, this 45 minute class is entirely comprised of core and arm work!

$5 Happy Hour Barre
Join us for a discounted barre class every Friday! The perfect opportunity to introduce a friend to our studio, this hour-long barre class is just $5.

Mat Barre
After the warm-up, 100% of this class will take place on your mat! Even lower impact than our standard classes, but just as effective. We'll end this class with a long guided stretch.

Pilates Stick Barre
For experienced OpenBarre clients only. Bonus resistance, bonus cardio, bonus arm work, and we won't leave out that lower body OpenBarre burn that you love! This 45 minute class is limited to six participants, so don't wait to register!

Mom & Me and Mom Strength
Visit our Minibarre to learn more!

OpenBarre is the only thing that I've found that makes working out fun. The instructors are knowledgeable and kind, the studio is beautiful, and the workouts are HARD but effective. As someone who's very clumsy i never feel embarrassed here. The workouts are diverse so you never do the same thing twice or get bored. I highly recommend this studio to anyone, regardless of athleticism or familiarity with barre!
- Nicole F
After every class you feel good and worked those muscles that running or cardio can't. No prior "barre" experience needed to attend a class. The Staff is SUPER friendly and the classes are a mix of EVERY age. I have never been to a class where I didn't feel comfortable. You also have a wide variety of times to choice from. Morning, lunch, evenings, weekends! They always have a few deals to get you started with the classes!
- Laura H