Frequently Asked Questions

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• What makes OpenBarre different from other barre studios?
AKA why is barre so expensive? When most people hear “barre class,” they think of paying hundreds of dollars per month, or close to $30 for a single class. That’s not what we’re about. We want to make barre accessible for everyone, because we believe barre is for everyone! We provide high quality classes that we keep small enough that our instructors can give everyone the personal attention they deserve. We offer a variety of classes, from guided stretching to HIIT, so you’ll be able to find a pace that’s right for you.
• Who can take an OpenBarre class?
Everyone! That’s the great thing about OpenBarre! Our classes are “all-levels,” and you’ll get a challenging workout whether it’s your first class or your 1,000th. Our goal is for our team to connect with you and enable you to succeed in class, and to that end, we’re able to modify or amplify everything we do so that you can take it to the level that’s most appropriate for you. If you’d like to take things a little bit slower, we’d suggest starting with our First Timers Free Class.
• Do I need to sign up in advance?
YES! While some classes are relatively small, there are others that sell out regularly! Sign up early to reserve your place. Advance registration is always required, and walk-ins are not able to participate in class. Registration for all classes closes 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start time.
• What if it’s my first time at OpenBarre?
We ask that you arrive ten to 15 minutes early for your first class. Our studio can be hard to find, and we don’t want you missing the class as a result! Once you get to the studio, you’ll meet your instructor, we’ll show you around, and you’ll claim a space in the studio. Studio doors are locked when classes are in-session, so if you arrive late, you won't be able to participate.
• Where is the studio?
We’re at the intersection of Route 1 and Knox Road. There’s a big shopping center at that intersection – Starbucks, CAVA, and more. We’re upstairs – you can either take the stairs to the right of Starbucks or skip a flight of stairs and enter through the back of the building.
• Where should I park?
There are several parking lots in the area! Over the summer, the Ledo's Parking Garage usually offers free parking on weekends and after 5pm on weekdays. The lots in front and back of the shopping center accept credit cards and are free on Sundays and before 8am every day!
• Do I need to start with the First Timers Intro Class?
First timers are absolutely NOT required to start in the first timers class! We offer those classes for people who either a) are a little apprehensive about taking their first class and want to get some extra info and move at a slower pace, or b) who just prefer to start in a room of first-timers! If the first-timers class doesn't work with your schedule, you can sign up for one of our regularly scheduled classes using this discounted pass!
• Can I come to $5 Happy Hour classes?
YES! These classes are just like our regular Barre classes, but less expensive! This is a great opportunity to introduce a friend, family member, or neighbor to the barre! We tend to get more significant others in these classes, so if you want to bring yours, they likely won’t be the only one!
• What should I wear?
We encourage you to wear leggings and a comfortable top. You won’t need shoes for our classes unless you’re signed up for HIIT (wear clean tennis shoes for that one!). We recommend socks with grips (sometimes they're called "Pilates Socks") for all of our other classes, which we sell in the studio for $14-20. If you’ve ever been to SkyZone, their grip socks are also great!
• What should I bring?
If you're signing up for an indoor class, we'll provide all the equipment! Feel free to bring a towel if you like to have one with you, and don't forget your water!

For outdoor classes, bring a yoga mat or towel to use as your mat. We encourage you to bring your own light weights or canned goods to use for outdoor classes. If the class is outside, we also recommend wearing sneakers!

If you'd like to buy an outdoor mat from us, let us know ahead of time - we've got some gently used outdoor mats available for purchase for $3 each.
• What if I signed up but need to cancel?
If you need to cancel (and we hope you don’t!), make sure to log into your account and do so at least three hours in advance. We understand that things come up, but we don’t want to keep someone else from signing up in your place. You must cancel at least three (3) hours before your class to avoid being charged for the class. If you “no-show” for a class, which means you’re signed up and occupying a spot but fail to show up, you will be charged a no-show fee of $14. If you “late cancel” (canceling less than three hours before your class), you will be charged a $10 late cancellation fee for the class. If you signed up using a single class or a ten-pack and late-cancel or no-show the class, you'll lose the class credit in addition to being charged a fee. One of the perks of being an unlimited member is that you don't get hit double by this!

How can you avoid the fee? Commit to your body! If you sign up for a class, show up for it. If you need to cancel, do so early enough so that another person has the opportunity to take your spot.
• What if I try to sign up for a class but it is full?
Add your name to the waitlist! We frequently add people from the waitlist to our classes, so it’s always worth putting your name on it. Make sure you’re opted-in to emails, so that you get the notification in case you’re added. If you do make it off the waitlist and into the class, you will be automatically enrolled in the class. Not showing up will be considered a no-show.
• How does the waitlist work?
If a class is full, add your name to the waitlist! The waitlist works - we find that most clients who are waitlisted usually get added eventually.

To put yourself on the waitlist, you must have a class or package on your account. If you don't get added from the waitlist, the class will remain on your account to use prior to its expiration date.

Our system will only add people from the waitlist to the class if there are at least three hours prior to the start time. Once we're within three hours of the class starting, you won't be added from the waitlist, but if you happen to notice that a space is open and our system will let you register, go right ahead!

The reason our system won't add you from the waitlist within three hours of the class is that you'd already be within our late cancellation window and we don't want you being notified just a few minutes before a class starts that you're in it! We're making every effort to be considerate of your time.
• Do you have changing rooms and showers?
We have dressing rooms in the back, but no showers.
• Can I rent OpenBarre for special events or private lessons?
Yes! OpenBarre can be rented by teams, businesses, departments, and individuals for parties, clubs meetings, and private classes. You bring the participants, we’ll provide an instructor. Taking a barre class together is a great cross-training and team building activity. Email for more information.
• Are online classes included with in-person packages?
If you purchase a one-year or six-months unlimited package and pay in-full up front, online classes are included! Otherwise they are separate.