Class Descriptions

Instructor providing hands-on adjustment to woman for posture during barre fitness class First Timers Intro
While beginners are welcome and encouraged to sign up for any class we have in our barre studio, on the 1st and 19th of each month, we offer intro classes exclusively for first-timers! Learn more here.
women with Pilates Rings magic circles ballet barre small group fitness class exercising arms and core muscles Barre and Barre Express
This full-body workout blends Pilates, ballet, and yoga and includes lots of combination moves in order to work as efficiently as possible. We offer modifications and amplifications throughout our classes, so we each have a version of the movements that fits our needs. You'll be supported by our team no matter where you are that day! Barre is one hour, Express is 45 minutes.
women with Pilates balls core support postpartum recovery diastasis recti recovery pregnancy workout Core Connection
Core Connection is a 45 minute class! We'll do a full-body warm up, and then we'll do core work for the rest of the class. Some moves will be very specifically core-focused, and others will be moves that work other muscle groups with an additional focus on core engagement. As with all our classes, we're always happy to offer modifications, just be sure to let us know what's going on!
Group of three women chatting in exercise studio while holding workout equipment $5 Donation Barre Express
Join us for a discounted Barre Express class every Friday! The perfect opportunity to introduce a friend to our community, this 45 minute Barre Express class is just $5.
women in barre stretch class using yoga block to stretch muscles on balanced body yoga mats Stretch and Stretch Express
Beginning with about 10-15 minutes of warming up and working out to get our bodies warm and comfortable and spending the remainder of our time stretching, this class aims to help increase flexibility through stretches, holds, and thorough instruction. These classes are limited to twelve participants. The Express version of this class is 45 minutes.
group of women squatting in clean fitness studio receiving hands on adjustment from instructor HIIT
Get ready to sweat! This class will take challenging barre and core moves as well as cardio work and blend them together for a unique experience. We recommend wearing your sneakers, as there may be some jumps involved. This class is 45 minutes.
women on thick yoga mats in low-impact mat barre class exercising arms contracting core using therabands with instructor Mat Barre and Mat Barre Express
After a full body warmup at the barre, this one-hour class moves to the mat, where you'll stay for the rest of class. Don't let it fool you, though - Mat Barre is a tough workout! The Express version of this class is 45 minutes.
group of women in bridge position exercising glutes and hamstrings Mom Strength
Taking place after most kids are asleep, Mom Strength gives new moms a built in community and a workout that helps us reconnect with our bodies. Learn more here! Note: this class is currently on hold, but we're happy to talk pre-natal and postpartum modifications in our regularly scheduled classes with you! Email Lauren at if you've got questions.
young mom seated in butterfly stretch with toddler in her lap in the same pose Parent & Me
We're so grateful to be hosting the experts from Breathing Space DC for family yoga classes! Learn more and sign up for classes with your little ones (age groups start at six weeks and go all the way up to nine years!) here!
group of adults and small children relaxing after a private event Private Groups
Want to bring your friends? Schedule a private class with any of our instructors! Your private class can be a solo event for you to get even more personal instruction or you can bring a group! Check out what we've done in the past here!